The Washington D.C. duo of Tommy Scholl and Floyd Jones is back as their multi-faceted musical project FJ Actual. Today, the artists return to their fans in the form of a brand new single, titled “You & I”, featuring an entrancing and sensual new video. FJ Actual has a massive potential to blow up big and covering mold-breaking up and comers is something we pride ourselves on here at HIHF.

Their dynamic new single is a stellar alt-R&B release and the perfect example of what the two are capable of. Reminiscent of emotional pop artists like The Weeknd, Khalid, or Frank Ocean, “You & I” gives listeners the ultimate insight into the minds of FJ Actual.

Floyd brings breath-taking, radio-ready vocals, with Tommy’s production prowess shining all the way through to the track. Sultry, yet still energetic and catchy, “You & I” will appeal to just about anyone you share this hypnotic new tune with. Here’s what the uber-talented duo had to say about their new release:

“This song sort of represents a new chapter and a new era for us. We’re so excited to deliver this tune in the middle of summer and hope it’s something you can groove to before going out, or just something you can sing at home to your lover” – Floyd

“It took a long time to build the sound we wanted, and with this latest single we hit our mark” – Tommy

Keep an ear out for their upcoming EP, titled In Everything, out in late August. Be sure to let us know what you thought about their newest work in the comments below! Also, be sure to peep the video, it’s crazy good!

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