DMVU triumphantly returned to WAKAAN this week with the release of The Chain EP. The eight-track collection showcases a variety of styles including epic builds, eclectic breaks, mindboggling melodies, and bone-shattering bass.

The Colorado-based producer is well-known in the dubstep and bass world for his diverse stylings and HIHF hosted him as the headliner for our Cabin Fever Festival earlier this summer, which benefitted The Innocence Project.

The Chain EP kicks off with “Erythaeum,” an epic introduction that slowly introduces a myriad of sounds that are used throughout the project. This slow build creates an ominous atmosphere and sends tingles down your spine in preparation for the hard-hitting follow-up, “Harmonicc.” This transition to heavy bass continues into previously released single “Peach Smoothie,” a dub & trap hybrid featuring wild sound design and eccentric transitions.

Giving the listener a breath of fresh air, “Pull” slows things down, keeping it consistently heavy within that change of pace. . The seamless transition is well-timed and keeps the EP moving without recycling sounds and patterns from the previous tracks.

Following up the front half of The Chain EP, “Bacc Up Quicc” incorporates nostalgic bass sounds not only paying homage to the past few years of the DMVU project but also incorporating that forward-thinking experimental sound design.

“Chain On My Neck” brings the EP back in the direction of dub/trap hybrid and hits hard with crunching bass lines and piercing samples. Alternating between down and up-tempo rhythms, this track is a mosh pit of styles found throughout the EP.

“Lunch Money” throws all the chips on the table and takes a leap in tempo, speeding things up and creating a hurricane of energy as DMVU begins to close out the EP. The high-energy track sets up an epic opportunity for the insane conclusion of the EP, “Space Is Very Big.”

All in all, The Chain EP is a fantastic ensemble of sound and energy that showcases the roots of DMVU and is another strong reminder of what this rising star producer is capable of. You can stream the latest release from DMVU down below and be sure to reach out on our socials to let us know what you think!

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