Following the debut single “Chemical Bond” with Deathpact off her new album, Spiral, “Let me In” delves deeper into Rezz’ signature cult-like energy with an aggressive bassline and ethereal vocals from fknsyd.

Let Me In” has a strong focus on the vocals, along with a glassy plucked arp and alternating bassline. Space mom creates a very uneasy atmosphere that suits the lyrics about unrequited love and the music video about a cult’s initiation ritual.

The full effect of the song is everything you’d expect from Rezz’ third studio album. Top-tier sound design accompanying an enticing midtempo rhythm and crystal clear mix. The bassline alternates between a persistent arpeggiation and a more syncopated slap-bass type sound. The way Rezz uses the transients on the latter sound adds a ton of attitude to the overall progression. It brings you into your feelings and then slaps you back down into a mean groove. 

The music video provides us with a glimpse into the lore Rezz is elaborating on with her upcoming album while putting fknsyd’s performance front and center. It tells a story of a girl who seems unable to sleep before waking up lost in a forest. We get a brief glimpse of Rezz’ new look in a dark robe and hood before we see fknsyd wandering lost. Eventually, she encounters more hooded figures who lead her into a creepy building where Rezz is waiting in an equally creepy throne, still wearing her new robes. We see fknsyd sitting in a ring of candles before Rezz places one of the hooded robes over her, seeming to indicate her admission to the cult. 

Overall “Let Me In” is perfect for getting the spooky season started and arouses a ton of expectations for Rezz’ new album and upcoming Spiral tour.

Crates I’m Putting This Into: Femme Fatale, Midtempo Krunk, Dungeon Music

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