Glass Cannon is a duo out of Lubbock, Texas who met after exploring the metal and prog-rock scenes. They combined their production prowess to create a new moniker, Glass Cannon, that strives to bring that esoteric, post-rock sound to the bass music world.

Today, the duo is linking up with the underground hot spot Subciety for an early look at their upcoming Though Wave Universe EP. We had the opportunity to premiere their new heater “Surprise Black Hole” early.

The new track from the Texas up-and-comers boasts their innate ability to create raw soundscapes. Led in with filthy guitar plucks and Jason Cantu‘s powerful vocals, the song eventually morphs into a rap-fuelled, riff-laced, gross dubstep banger. Here’s what the duo had to say about their brand new bop off the upcoming EP:

“‘Surprise Black Hole’ entertains the hypothetical of coming upon a black hole by surprise and falling in. What would it be like be lost in a timeless and space-less void? What if the black hole is an interface between chaos and “reality” in which a form of sentience exists? This song considers the terrifying and awesome fun that conversation might be.”  – Glass Cannon

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