9 Theory has reunited with CloZee for their new collaboration, “The Courage To Fall In Love Again”. This emotional anthem comes a year and a half after the duo’s most recent collab,  “Nuages”, on CloZee’s Neon Jungle album.

The tribal collection of sounds limn a heartfelt plea to gain courage. The duo ventures into emotional vulnerability and create a relaxing atmosphere that does no less than inspire tranquil positivity. Soon after, the track picks up the tempo and introduces a groovy change of pace.

The sound design and mixing are incredibly cohesive and do well to maintain a simplistic appearance while masterfully interweaving countless layers and themes. What else is to be expected from anything the bass queen CloZee touches?

We are digging the vibey new collaboration from 9 Theory and CloZee, “The Courage To Fall In Love Again”. You can stream the new chill anthem down below. Afterwards, be sure to check out our socials at the very bottom of the page to let us know what you think!

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