Producer Somatoast has been sculpting multi-faceted, multi-instrumental soundscapes since the release of his debut album, “Goop”, in 2016. Born from Austin’s diverse music scene, Somatoast has created his signature blend of downtempo bass music. 

Today, fans rejoice as Somatoast unveils the title track to his forthcoming album “Creation is Creation”. Presented by the illustrious Gravitas Recordings, “Creation is Creation” is an auditory massage and can opener for your mind. This tune takes a jazzy approach to this nature-inspired album. This delightfully relaxing tune is a sign of what is to come from the talented musician. Keep your eyes and ears out for this smooth and soothing album coming very soon.

Here’s what Somatoast had to say about “Creation is Creation:”

“It is said the universe is always expanding from the initial force of the big bang. But how do we experience this expansion on a personal, human level? Creation is Creation postulates that it is this single force of expansion which drives all creation, creativity, evolution and growth– both physical and spiritual. Electricity melds with objects of nature on this deep, downtempo release. Creation is Creation is a musical mantra about the alchemy of creativity.” – Somatoast

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