What an album! Contra Scandal is a classicly trained musician. He is a stunning violinist who also dabbles with some heavy metal guitar. Most would say the two go together like lamb and tuna fish… but not in this case. Since EDM is such an unlimited and boundless genre, anything can work if done correctly. The same goes for Contra’s beautifully constructed new album ‘Full Circle’

If you had never heard the artist’s work before, you could either think you had walked into an Emo-Pop Rock concert or a Classical orchestral solo. The influences and genres included in his album are simply innumerable, but an artist that can have tracks with Trap and Dubstep and Reggae like in the pulsating ‘A Calling’, and Rap as heard on ‘Mile High Livin’ incorporated is an artist to be put on notice.

The inspiration from dubstep legends and innovators like Rusko, Benga, and NERO can not be ignored. Being able to put his own unique twist on these early adapters to the game separates him and is rapidly putting him into the conversation as a production virtuoso. The same way I will never forget the first time I rocked out to Caspa’s ‘Cockney Thug’ remix, my first listen-through of ‘Full Circle’ will not be something I soon forget.

The full-body vibration drops incorporated throughout the album are matched with equally peaceful and eloquent string riffs that just work perfectly. It’s hard to put it any other way unless you give the album a listen – which you can do below!

Let us know which tracks you’re vibing to below in the comments and big ups to Contra Scandal on this epic new project.

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