Helsinki-based producer Axel Thesleff returns with a stimulating rhythmic meditation in his new single “Take Me There“. This talented musician is set for an eventful 2022 season, slated for multiple festivals and shows including massive performances at Secret Dreams Festival, Resonate Festival, and Subterranea Festival. Fans can also expect more new music on the way, so keep your eyes and ears peeled!

This track was crafted during a trip to Portugal, so listeners can “expect some good vibes” in Thesleff’s own words. Diaphanous melodies ring though with ease, showcasing his unique ability to inject energy into a song while also projecting a sense of tranquility.

A relaxing, gradual build leads into a house-type beat complimented by artistically choppy vocals. The perfect sunny Saturday afternoon tune, Thesleff nails the summertime vibes to a T. Undertoned arpeggios create depth in the melody, enhancing the organic soundscape. The song cuts down to halftime to keep listeners on their toes, while vast basslines and sublimated accents immerse you into the clouds.

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