20Twenty is a up and coming artist who has been producing some fire as of late. Today, he is teaming up with WTF’s That Sound for his newest release, “STREET BASS!”

On the new single, 20Twenty finely blends elements of hip-hop production with that burley bass sound we’ve all come to love from the WTF’s That Sound label. “STREET BASS” is not only the name of the new track, but it’s also a new subgenre that 20Twenty hopes to bring to light. This distorted new banger is HEFTY and a must-add to any headbanger’s playlist.

Here’s what 20Twenty had to say about his newest work:

“‘Street Bass’ is more than just a subgenre of bass music to me. It’s a culmination of my favorite genres, feelings, and just a sense of general badassery. Growing up I was surrounded by many different genres but the one that always came back was old-school hip hop. I love bass music and producing it and that great feeling when you play an original banger live so one day I realized it would be dumb not to smash those two together with a little extra flavor. Ya know those tunes that you blast while driving down the road with a car full of your homies having the time of your life and the feeling of carefree ease and excitement that that moment gives you? That’s how I see it. That’s STREET BASS. ” – 20Twenty

What did you think of 20Twenty’s new single? Check it out alongside the EP down below and let us know in the comments what you thought!

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