Graeme Thurman, better known in the music world as Nimbo, is a psychedelic bass music producer based out of Nashville, TN. With a special focus on glitchy sound design and dynamic arrangements, Nimbo creates an ever-evolving, boundary-pushing experience with each track he releases. Today, we are pleased to present his recently released Shapes EP, a truly mesmerizing project that opens your mind to the beauty found within the chaos.

Nimbo has been cultivating a genuine following in the Nashville area over the last couple of years. A member of local collective Eternal Drip, he has supported rising underground talents such as Somatoast, Danny Grooves, pheel., Alejo and Bogtrotter. He has also played some really cool festivals such as Bigfoot Electro this past Spring as well as The Astral Project in 2021.

In fact, Bigfoot Electro is where I first found out about Nimbo, completely shell-shocked at what I was hearing at three in the afternoon. His set brought me back to Suwannee a couple months earlier. It really reminded me of something I would have heard at a Tipper & Friends event. Easily one of my favorite sets from Bigfoot.

During his set at Bigfoot, as well as in the all original Tipper & Friends Mix Submission he posted on SoundCloud, we were introduced to the Shapes EP. One of the songs that stuck out to me the most was actually the intro track for this EP, titled “Adrift.” This starts out with a soothing, downtempo intro supported by crunchy textures, filling in around the main synths. As the track continues to build, we are introduced to intergalactic growls and tasty fills as we seamlessly move from downtempo to a more uptempo style. Once this hits, we officially launch to the outer regions of space before slowing it down once again to close the track out.

The second track, “Mind Raiser,” does just that. In sticking with a more uptempo style, Nimbo continues this journey of extraterrestrial chaos with these juicy, stretched basses that make you question your reality. It’s amazing how Nimbo allows each sound to flow in and out of one another, seamlessly fitting together. This is highlighted once again in the third track “Cipher.” This one takes a more melodic approach while still maintaining those dark, swampy textures and basses. Halfway through this track, Nimbo shows off his range with several combinations of styles, flows, and bass arrangements before bringing us back to this brain-tickling blissful state.

The Shapes EP closes with “Self Expel,” a wild conclusion to the journey we took. Starting with more melodic elements, we eventually get hit with everything Nimbo’s got. This one pulls in so many different styles in a way that’s weirdly cleansing. It feels as though we have really washed away the negativity and expelled ourselves from toxicity in our lives by the time we reach the beautiful atmospheres that close out this EP.

We can’t wait to hear what’s next from this promising artist. What did you think of the Shapes EP from Nimbo? Let us know in the comments below or on our social media!

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