Venture 5, formerly known as Opalyte, is back on the scene with a new moniker and a new level of firepower. We had him on our virtual Cabin Fever Festival in 2021, benefitting The Innocence Project, alongside notable bass acts like DMVU, Benji Robot, and Chef Boyarbeatz. He is a favorite of Mersiv’s MorFlo label and has even performed in person with Mersiv and tons of other heavy hitters like Smoakland, Megan Hamilton, SoDown, and SuperAve.

Today, he’s swinging by for volume 94 of our HIHF guest mix series. This all-original guest mix shows off what’s in store for listeners as the Venture 5 project continues to gain momentum. Be sure to check it out below, show him love on socials, and also peep his brand new First Connection EP!

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1. Venture 5 – First connection (Massive attack teardrop vocal)
2.Venture 5 – ID
3.Venture 5 -Physical Visions
4.Venture 5 – ID
5.Venture 5 – ID
6.Venture 5 – ID
7.Venture 5 – ID
8.Venture 5 – ID
9.Venture 5 – 5MeO
10.Venture 5 – Edge of The Precipice
11.Death Cab for Cutie – Soul Meets Body (Venture 5 Remix)
12.Venture 5 – ID
13.Venture 5 – Supercritical
14.Venture 5 – ID

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