Florida natives, AVELLO and Inviznlink up with vocalist, Skye Silansky, for their newest dubstep single, “Out of the Dark”. This project serves as a harmonious merger of the trio’s individual sounds, with AVELLO’s synth work, Invizn’s deep bass, and Skye’s enchanting vocals captivating its listeners.

Over a year and a half in the making, AVELLO and Invizn first had the idea to fuse their complimentary sonic stylings after EDC Orlando 2021. Since they laid the groundwork, the pair has been continuously developing and revamping the instrumentals of “Out of the Dark”  to best represent their ever-evolving sounds and hottest industry trends.

Skye Silansky added a new dimension to “Out of the Dark”  through her emotive vocals, unifying it as a melodic dubstep masterpiece. Skye never fails in executing the vision and pulling the heartstrings of her fans, as demonstrated in her prior collaborations with AVELLO, “Coming Back”, and “Separation”, alongside the production maestro genius and violinist extraordinaire, Josh Teed.

“Out of the Dark” opens with a cinematic introduction guided by a heavy drumline and Skye’s reverbed vocals, creating an open space for this track to breathe. A waning bridge slowly builds to a haunting crescendo, before diverting into what AVELLO calls a “melodic tearout style drop”. Bass-heavy synth waves fire off machine-gun style, nodding to Invizn’s dubstep-oriented tendencies while staying true to AVELLO’s future bass roots. “Out of the Dark” showcases a magnetizing style of production that festivalgoers love, we cannot wait to hear this collaboration rinsed throughout the year!

AVELLO describes the message of “Out of the Dark” as “escaping the weight of life with the guiding hand of someone close.” Here is what Skye Silansky had to add about her experience in creating this project:

“When I first started writing “Out of the Dark”, I had been feeling pretty low and really dark in my mind. To me, the song was about finding myself within the sad, and leading me out of that darkness. Like the real me was delving into the depths of my own darkness trying to find the silver linings again and trying to find that joy that I had lost. It’s easy to lose sight of our emotions and sometimes you need that someone, or yourself, to help you find the light again.” – Skye Silansky

What did you think of AVELLO, Invizn, and Skye Silansky’s masterful collaboration, “Out of the Dark”? Check out the track below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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