Nitepunk‘s highly-anticipated debut album Human has finally arrived! The album showcases Nitepunk’s high-energy style and break-beat sound and encompasses his inspiring story of true grit and a lifelong commitment to music.

Hailing from the country of Georgia, Nitepunk’s love for music was ignited at a young age, and he went on to build a thriving community of ravers in his home country. However, he knew that he was destined for something greater, so he packed his bags and headed to New York, where he faced countless obstacles but remained committed to his passion for creating music.

“Moving to America was monumental for my personal and artistic growth. I had hit a massive reset button on my entire life and all of a sudden I was in New York on my own. This album reflects every moment of my time here. I wanted every track to be a record I could be proud of, where I would have the freedom to push my own musicality. When I approach a song I’m always trying to capture where I currently am in my life so when it was time to put the album together I realized that all the ideas I had written over the past six years were representing significant episodes in my life. – Nitepunk

Drawing inspiration from the underground scene in New York, Nitepunk quickly gained the support of industry leaders who recognized his talent, including but certainly not limited to Noisia, Joyryde, and Moody Good. He poured every ounce of his energy into his music, resulting in an album that captures every moment of his time in his new hometown. Here’s what he had to say about his new full length project.

During the creation of this album, there were many radical changes that affected my workflow and environment. At the very end, it seemed like everything was falling into place, and the project became exactly what it was meant to be. I am excited to share this with the world and step into the next journey of new experiences and inspirations. I called this album HUMAN because it’s very complex musically and emotionally, as we all are. I wanted to capture raw emotions and experiences through music because that’s the one thing in this life that I know best. Nitepunk

With the release of Human, we see the steadfast determination of a man who traveled across the world and poured his soul into his work to live a life where he could be happy. If there was ever a story that could be shared with struggling artists, the story of Nitepunk is it.

Now, the young artist is one of the brightest shining lights in the EDM world, leading the next generation of next-level producers who are bringing their joy and exploration of sound design straight to the main stage.

You can stream Human below, and be sure to reach out to Nitepunk on social media to let him know your favorite tracks! While you’re at it, let us know on our socials too! We hope you enjoyed this album as much as we did!

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