In the decade since his last album, Eprom amassed hordes of loyal fans with some of the most technically proficient bass music around. His project became the epitome of experimental bass music, utilizing traditional hardware and sounds while creating a project unlike any other.

His new album Syntheism feels like the quintessential Eprom album. Not just an album, Syntheism builds an entire alternate sonic reality. Each track represents a prominent company in this techno-utopia. Eprom also added another wrinkle to the album’s lore; robot-assisted live shows. He utilizes animatronics to bring his vision to life. Without having seen it performed, it sounds like science fiction.

An Alternate Reality

The LP’s opening track “A New Home” is the startup screen for this alternate reality, introducing listeners to the magnificent sound design and worldbuilding ahead. “Motion Blur” is a deconstructed masterpiece. A plucky lead synth is the driving force in this track as it dances around the beat. “Untitled Emotional Acid” treats listeners to classic Eprom acid stabs and breakbeats. His flair for classic sounds is unparalleled and his ability to repurpose them is even greater. “What’s Her Name” captures incredible dancefloor energy with massive bass stabs, showcasing the sound he became known for. “X-Fade Strategy” begins with a four-on-the-floor drive punctuated by beat repeats.

Tracks like “Remorse” prove Eprom is on another level. This glitchy hardcore masterpiece overwhelms the senses in the best ways, sucking listeners into the chaotic world Eprom has created. Haunting backing vocals and deep reese basses give this track unbelievable depth. This song was made for dark rooms and a thumping sound system. The enigmatic and cinematic second half gives way to a much calmer track in “Fm VOC 83.35.” This transmission works wonders for Eprom’s worldbuilding and is an excellent counterpart to “Remorse.” 

“Lose My Breath” is a techy garage number. Eprom calls back to his classic sound on “The Circle,” employing frantic breaks, a crisp acid melody, and devastating bass.

“Rotoscope” is a beautiful track exploring a more mellow side of the album. This continues with “Tears of Light,” an ambient piece with lush textures.

“Trunk Acid” stays true to the acid sound with a fervent beat while adding in breaks. “Irisoft Livemixx” is a wondrous experimentation in sound, and “Solina” ties the album in a beautiful bow with a calming melody.

A Master Of His Craft

Eprom’s affinity for analog synthesizers is well-known, and his ability to create such complex masterpieces with this equipment is astounding. His touch is immediately discernable in any genre he produces, making him one of the most recognizable artists in the space. Syntheism is fluid in its genre but is one of the most stylistically-cohesive electronic albums in recent memory. Eprom tracks always sound like both old and new Eprom simultaneously, showcasing his ability to expand on previous concepts explored in his music.

Eprom is a musical genius, and we’re grateful to be able to bear witness to this genius at work. You can catch Syntheism Robotics live at Mission Ballroom in Denver on July 29th and an Eprom “Vault” set at Fire Lights Festival in New York in September.

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