Eprom is a name that needs no introduction, for his years of dedication and work have made him one of the scene’s most respected artists. With an incredibly well-rounded take on production and a drive to continuously push the envelope when it comes to sound, this tastemaker has always brought something unique to the table.

Recently, Eprom has been teasing fans with releases from his forthcoming LP, and it’s his first in ten years. “What’s Her Name,” and “Untitled Emotional Acid” were the first two tracks teased off of Syntheism, drawing his fans in with curiosity and excitement for what would be coming next, with many hoping to have it be a handful of the tracks he’d been dropping in lots of recent sets.

Today, Eprom has released the third and final single ahead of the LP’s full release, “The Circle.” Here’s what the production maestro had to say about his newest work:

“This one is a little love letter to the sounds of my youth – acid, rave, breakbeats and hardcore drum and bass. It’s one that I wrote on lockdown and I’m really happy to unleash it now on the dance floor.” – Eprom

“The Circle” pays homage to everything that makes up the Eprom project and shines a light on everything he’s created over the years. From the moment it begins, Eprom transports listeners back to the early days in his hometown, where all of his influences initially sparked. After that, the smooth lyrical number, the intense breakbeats, and other elements from diverse, yet interconnected genres, start to come together and melt into something powerful and whole.

This Syntheism release has been a long time coming and anyone following Eprom knows just how special it will be. Stream “The Circle” now on your preferred music platform and be sure to let us know what tracks you’re hoping will be on the LP!

What did you think of Eprom’s “The Circle?” Let us know down below in the comments!

Featured Photo by Eric Ananmalay

Album Art by Phillip Peters

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