Beyond Existence festival in Texas is getting closer and closer, fans will gather from near and far in Austin for three days of music, connection, workshops, and making memories that will last a lifetime to celebrate the festival’s fifth anniversary. Every year the lineup is curated with an array of tastemakers, from up-and-comers to more well-known names. Past years have hosted artists like Parkbreezy, Kursa, Ternion Sound, Murkury, Lowcation, and SLZRD. The minds working behind the scenes are all about the love of music, and it’s clear when both looking at the lineup and experiencing the festival.

Phase one of Beyond Existence was already stacked, with artists like Manic Focus, Shlump, Tripp St, Alejo, Groovesauce, Funkbox, and Colorado-based up-and-comers Barooka, Solfire, Phurn, and Yoko. There will also be a Silent Motion takeover with artists CLB, Die By The Sword, Wraz., and OldGold. This festival always does a great job of supporting an array of artists, from more known ones to artists that more people needs on their radar, and the 2023 lineup is a testament to just that.

Now, the Phase two lineup has been unveiled with even more fire being added on, artists like Supertask, Tsuruda, and Zen Selekta will be bringing their flavor to Beyond Existence. Other big names include Minnesota, SubDocta, 5AM, cHLL sMTH, a b2b with kLL sMTH and VCTRE, Fluent, and the return of Parkbreezy.

On top of the great music, the festival is also partnering with the Boredom Fighters Foundation, a non-profit organization composed of different artists that have a focus on supporting and improving access and education to music, especially for underprivileged youth. A portion of Beyond Existence ticket sales will be donated to the foundation. So, not only are you purchasing a ticket to enjoy a stacked lineup of talent, but you get to help others have the chance to pursue their passions in music as well!

Beyond Existence takes place November 3rd-5th at Carson Creek Ranch in Austin, TX. Tier One is almost 75% sold out, so make sure to hop on those tickets before the price goes up!!

For tickets and more information on Beyond Existence, visit the festival’s website.

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