Esseks is an artist we hope we don’t have to introduce you to! He’s been all over the place releasing music and touring the country these past five or six years, creating some of our favorite tracks in the experimental / ‘left-field’ bass sub-genre.

The multi-talented tastemaker is returning to Of The Trees‘ label Memory Palace Records, which has housed releases from Esseks, Of The Trees, and LYNY already this year. Today, Esseks is unleashing his new single titled “This Will All Be Over Soon.”

On “This Will All Be Over Soon,” Esseks slows things down a bit since his most recent release, “Dead Meat” featuring friend and past tourmate Tiedye Ky. That track was a bit heavier and had more raw, poignant energies. This new tune is smoother, it’s a dreamy downtempo soundscape from the NY bass music favorite.

Add “This Will All Be Over Soon” to Esseks’ massive discography of multi-flavored bass masterpieces. Over the past several years, it feels like Esseks has never slowed down from cranking out those crafty heaters that we fans love so much.

Here’s what Esseks had to say about “This Will All Be Over Soon” and how it served as personal therapy:

This is music I made about change. It’s about how all things, both good and bad, will change and how that can be terrifying or relieving depending on your outlook. I’ve always made personal music parallel to my bass music, but it was something I did for me. It can be therapeutic to create with no self-judgment or thought on how it will be received.” – Esseks

What did you think of “This Will All Be Over Soon?” Let us know down below in the comments and keep an eye and ear out for Esseks’ upcoming Feat Not EP, out soon through Memory Palace Records.

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