Our hero, Of The Trees, returns with two brand new tracks, “Muscaria” & “Everglade March (VIP),” as the bass wizard blesses his listeners with a fresh take on his consistently evolved sound.

“Muscaria” is a brilliant track with an experimental design that Of The Trees has made himself known for over the course of his respected career. This track is exactly what you want to hear from the talented bass all-star.

“Everglade March (VIP)” is a beautiful restructure of the already magnificent Of The Trees classic “Everglade March” that reigns heavily on “Harvest”, the 2018 self-released EP. This VIP has listeners at peace with the already appreciated project that Of The Trees has mastered.

These tracks have been officially released through his label, Memory Palace, an innovative and compelling home for electronica, further solidifying his rising status in the dance music world. Memory Palace invites listeners to explore a harmonious tapestry of sound across various genres and experiences.

See below for “Muscaria” & “Everglade March (VIP)”, we hope you enjoy the two new tracks from Of The Trees as much as we did!

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