This past week, I traveled to colorful Colorado for my first Red Rocks experience. After knocking off bucket-list destinations like The International Church of Cannabis and Meow Wolf, I had to save the best for last; a dream opportunity to work media at Red Rocks Amphitheater for my favorite artist, Of The Trees.

On November 12th, the famous Colorado venue was home to one of the most transcendent events of 2023. Of The Trees and Memory Palace brought a champion cast of artists for the label’s first Red Rocks takeover. Before Of The Trees took to the stage, The LibrariankLL sMTHYheti, and Barclay Crenshaw set the mood perfectly, building hype for Of The Trees’ first headlining Red Rocks performance.

Of The Trees pulled out all the stops for this show. I had to stop at the Memory Palace merch pop-up along the way because, like many others, I couldn’t wait to see the ten new merch designs. Of The Trees and his team dedicated much time and thought to bringing a memorable experience to the pop-up. Once inside the art studio, there were props for people to interact with and get their picture taken by one of the photographers, a DJ was mixing it up on the decks, and there was even hidden Memory Palace pins throughout the studio!

Upon arriving at Red Rocks, I was shocked by how colossal the venue is. It looks so much smaller when compared to the mountains it’s nestled in. Seeing the stage for the first time had my jaw on the floor with the level of production that Of The Trees successfully delivered for this event.

The night began with Red Rocks’ debut performances from The Librarian and kLL sMTH. These two stars delivered unforgettable genre-bending performances ranging from deep dub to UKG to DnB and dubstep. This led into an absolutely mental show by Yheti, he melted the faces of every single attendee who witnessed the roller coaster of a ride that set was. He played many fan-favorite tracks off his new album, Everything New Was Old, and some classic favorites like “Weird Trumpet” and a brand-new Shpongle remix!

I was so excited for my second Barclay Crenshaw show. My last experience seeing him was his diabolical set at Wakaan Fest in 2022. He somehow managed to top what was one of my favorite sets at Wakaan. His set went unbelievably hard and was beyond bass-heavy, with trap vibes spread throughout. It included some impressive new unreleased IDs and some of the hottest tracks of 2023 by bass heavyweights Hamdi and Ternion Sound. Towards the end of his set, he gave fans exciting news, that he will be taking a hiatus from his alter ego, Claude Von Stroke, to focus on Barclay Crenshaw and fans should be on the lookout for an upcoming album!

When Of The Trees took the stage, the energy in the crowd expanded tenfold. The screens lit up and you can see the vision behind the production as a castle takes form at Red Rocks. As he took his place above the stage in the Memory Palace castle, he prepared to take fans on an ethereal journey through possibly the best Of The Trees set I’ve ever seen.

The tree-king was at home, atop his castle, with a massive and goofy smile, fulfilling a dream of selling out a headlining show at Red Rocks. His set immediately popped off, keeping the crowd moving and grooving with various VIPs, flips, and unreleased tracks, including a wicked new collab with Barclay Crenshaw! My favorite moments were when he paid a beautiful tribute to Charlesthefirst at the end of his set. Also, I must mention when he surprised fans by bringing out the remarkable Kala to sing “Honeydust” and Sophie Marks to sing “Windhorse.” 

Between the mind-blowing stage production, the lasers, the pyro shooting off the edge of the stage, and a gorgeous, expansive skyline view, this was one of the most memorable and heartwarming concerts I’ve ever attended. Being in a crowd of thousands of fans sharing such love and gratitude for this incredible artist was unlike anything I’ve witnessed at any other show. 

The energy from the moment I arrived until I left was extraordinary. This show was such an accomplishment for Of The Trees and everyone on the team at Memory Palace, and I am so honored to have shared this special moment in his career alongside a massive ocean of fans.

What are some of your favorite stand-out moments from this legendary show? Let us know in the comments below or on our socials! Also, check out these Instagram reels by the man himself to see tour dates for the rest of the year and an unreal look at his POV from inside the castle! 

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