The hottest boyband in the game, Brockhampton come to us tonight with another single from their upcoming album “The Best Years of our Lives“. “1997 Diana” goes with more of a mainstream hip-hop vibe than their past two singles, three if you include “Tonya“. These guys are literally putting out fire single after fire single, every single week.

Okay, I love the change of direction. But 1. This song is short as shit. 2. Can we get some Joba in there?? One would think after he shined all over “1999 Wildfire” and “1998 Truman“, he would at least get a short verse. The video is pretty nutty, with Kevin Abstract, Matt Champion, and Dom whiling out in a boy’s locker room/gym class. The highlight for me honestly might have been Rohmil at the very end screaming at the top of his lungs. He needs to show face in more of their shit, kid is a stud.

Enjoy their new video below!!

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