As we all know, the start of the weekend means brand spankin’ new music all day long. I’ll try to do this as many fridays as possible.¬†Chance The Rapper, Quavo, Bieber, and DJ Khaled are releasing their follow up to last year’s song of the summer “I’m The One” later today. The song and video for “No Brainer” will be out by 1pm eastern time. Will be sure to post as soon as possible. Alright, now for the music that is actually available. *edit* watch that video here.

First off, Brockhampton came clean last night with another absolute hit. The hottest up and comers in the game have been releasing a new single week after week through Apple Music’s “Things We Lost In The Fire Radio”. “1997 Diana” is much harder and crazier than the last couple releases, but it only features three of the group’s six vocalists. Even though Bearface, Merlyn, and Joba are sadly missing on “Diana”, it still makes me even more hyped up for their upcoming album “Best Years of our Lives”. Check out my initial review for the song and the video here.

Next, The Chainsmokers bring us a brand new track featuring frequent ‘smokers collaborator Emily Warren. You might remember her from “All We Know” and “My Type”. Today, the three link up for “Side Effects”. Lyric Video below.

Next up we have Migos & DJ Durel’s new song “Hot Summer”. Amazing beat for the biggest trio in hip hop to flex all over. Quavo lays down a fire hook over this infectious, contagious beat from DJ Durel. As the title suggests, this will certainly be an add to the summer playlist.

If you are a big San Holo fan, you should recognize the next name. Droeloe, the second biggest name on the Bitbird label, brings us a brand new track titled “Looking Back”. These guys put on an amazing show and are destroying the festival circuit. Be sure to see them if you get a chance. Pronounced droo-loo, this dutch duo is sure to blow up as much as their labelhead, San, has any day now.

Tyler The Creator has been on an absolute tare as of late. First of all “Potato Salad” is absurdly good. Honestly I feel bad for A$AP Rocky here because his verse is fire too but Tyler just DESTROYS that song. I CAN-NOT wait for what’s to come with “SapWang”, their collab project/album/tour/whoknowswhat. Today Tyler has two more tracks on his youtube account, “Quartz” and “Tiptoe”. “Tiptoe” is over Playboi Carti’s “R.I.P” and “Quartz” is with Syd and Austin Feinstein, Tyler’s guitarist from “Scum Fuck, Flower Boy”. I’ll just link all three.

Denzel Curry has been releasing his new album “Taboo” part by part over the past few days. A dark look into the mind of the 23 year old floridian, the album examines serious topics ranging from suicidal thoughts to the death of his brother to dealing with traumatic experiences in the home. The album features huge names, all who are close friends with Curry, like J.I.D, Billie Eillish, and GoldLink. ‘Zel’s flow can be intense, but still stay so emotional and heartfelt. The man is definitely an underrated storyteller in the rap game. Check out his new album below.

Last, we have RL Grime and his highly anticipated follow-up to his 2014 album “Void”. The LA based producer, known for his massive trap hits that everyone and their mother plays in their sets, goes in a more poppy direction throughout the album. Honestly the end product is pretty good. With features that go perfectly with Grime’s super unique sound like Chief Keef, Miguel, Tory Lanez, Jeremih, Julia Michaels, Jeremy Zucker, and many many more, this album is definitely tee’d up for radioplay. Although the album’s singles still serve as the real heaters of “Nova”, this album did live up to the hype. My personal highlights are “OMG”, “Era”, “Shrine”, “Pressure”, “Rainer”, and “Atoms”. Check it out below on Spotify.

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