Relatively new to the scene is 22-year-old, Philly rapper and singer, Tierra Whack. If you haven’t heard of her, I strongly urge that you go look her up this very minute.

And speaking of this very minute, that’s how long each of her songs are on her most recent audiovisual album, Whack WorldThis debut project is a 15-song, 15-minute-long album, although it really feels like you’re experiencing another world (hence the album name) than a mere quarter of an hour.

In one minute, Whack raps about salt, pepper, ketchup and hot sauce, and in the next, sings about love and money — a back and forth of ups and downs, lightness and heaviness that is felt throughout the entirety of the album.

Her transitions between these juxtaposition of feelings are raw, blunt and often unexpected, which only leaves you wanting more. But with each new song that surfaces as abruptly as the previous one ends, that yearning almost instantaneously becomes somewhat of an afterthought.

Whack World is a trip through Tierra Whack’s mind, a representation of her world. Now I’m just looking forward to when she’ll give us even more insight into what that world is really like.

Listen to Whack World now on Spotify, and shoot her some much-deserved love with an IG follow.

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