RL Grime is a household name for any trap lover. Whether you favor his earlier bangers, renowned remixes, annual Halloween mixtapes, or the current evolution of his sound, one thing remains the same, he simply does not miss. This couldn’t have proven to be any more true than when he started Sable Valley Records, a label where RL Grime can put us on to the talent he’s been listening to and really believes in. A perfect example of this would be ISOxo, who had his debut release Radial on Sable Valley with close friend and fellow producer Knock2 in 2019. It quickly became one of our favorite songs of the year and led to his massive collaboration, “Powermove”, with breakout bass star Peekaboo.

Premiered during his Halloween IX mix in 2020,  RL Grime and ISOxo are teaming up to give us the ID we’ve been craving since we first heard it, “STINGER.” Earlier in the week, RL Grime took to Twitter to announce the track with a teaser trailer. Thick with an ominous ambiance, the track creeps through the intro and thunderously punches towards a climax, eventually enforcing brutal drums and infectious synths.

Luckily for you, “STINGER” is out now on Sable Valley and you no longer have to wait to hear what RL Grime and ISOxo cooked up on this heater. We think this is another score for RL. Check it out below and be sure to let us know what you think down below in the comments.

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