Diplo is always up to something new and innovative. From his “California” rap EP to his dance collaborations as Silk City with superstar producer Mark Ronson, Diplo’s always looking to work with the most talented that the industry has to offer. Today, old man ‘plo links up with Sia and Labrinth for the third single from their group LSD.

Thunderclouds” offers a much more classic take from the trio. Labrinth and Sia’s voices compliment each other perfectly, but I’m honestly not sure if this one stands out as much as the last two. “Audio” and “Genius” are much more of an EDM-y, radio type feel, while this sounds like something from twenty years back. Listen, I like it, I just definitely prefer the less slow, less chill, side of LSD.

Check out “Thunderclouds” above, but definitely be sure to check out “Audio” and “Genius” as well. I’ll include them below. Also just realized this could end up on an Apple commercial just from the repeated Sia line, “he’s on the cloud”. Who knows. But if it happens, I called it.

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