“Chillcoolguybeats” An Eclectic, Lo-Fi & ChillTrap playlist by Arn

I’m not great at listening to chill music at work, while reading, or whenever someone usually prefers something light to space out to. So throughout the past week, I’ve been putting together a playlist of songs I consider “chill”; songs I think most of my friends would enjoy and be able to relax to.

I sent it to a couple close friends who aren’t as into electronic music and they really vibed with it. It’s definitely light enough to keep you focused and get you through your workday.

Chillcoolguybeats” includes tons of up and coming electronic artists like K?d, Yehme2, Sango, Clozee, Shield, and Glitch Boy (who may or may not be K?d’s lo-fi, alter-ego) alongside more well-established acts such as Bonobo, Photay, Griz & Manic Focus, Koan Sound and many more. It also includes a couple slowed down covers of Porter Robinson, one of my favorite and one of the most popular electronic dance producers in the industry.

Enjoy the immediate “Chillcoolguy”-ness that goes down from listening to this eclectic mix of lo-fi, trap, and summer sax below. As always, thanks for taking the time to check it out! It’s available on our playlists page up top in our main menu as well.

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