Ganja White Night has been having one hell of a 2018. From their massive album release “Origins” to touring around the country and tearing up festival stages, the Belgian duo is quickly making their name one of the biggest in Bass music. We just had the chance to see them at Moonrise Festival in Baltimore, and GWN absolutely threw down, opening with their new collab w/ Zeds Dead.

Today, Ganja releases their brand new music video “Chak Chel” with some help of visual animator My Name Is Ebo. The animated video does a great job of illustrating the Mayan world they were trying to capture, blending perfectly with this mellow yet upbeat Dubstep.

“Movies scores have always been a huge inspiration for us,” Ganja White Night’s Ben Bayeul says. “We felt like there were few Dubstep artists taking a cinematic approach to the visual interpretation of their music; music that will tell a story and make people travel through their imaginations. Now that we are able to dedicate what is needed to create our visual universe with Ebo, it’s just a dream coming true to finally be able to create our own story.”

Check out GWN’s video “Chak Chel” above. Premier from Enjoy!

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