Volt blesses our ears with some heavy dubstep tunes this morning. “The Purge”, as you could probably guess, uses vocal samples from the horror franchise.

The first drop is a classic headbanger but the second is turned up a bit with that sped up hardstyle sound I love oh-so-much. Volt wanted to channel a horror movie type feel into the song, so “The Purge” was a great angle to go with to go in for the kill on this dubstep banger.

“It was 3:00 a.m, and I had just finished watching a bunch of scary movies. My studio has an open window that overlooks downtown, Los Angeles. I started thinking about what it would be like if there were a Purge type situation in a place like this. For this track, I wanted to try and capture that feeling of fear and despair in the buildups and breakdowns while bringing back in the intense energy of fighting back or being one of the Purge participants. I hit up my friend Jade to put together a full length visual and it all just felt right.” – Volt

Volt is slowly but surely making his name in the industry, traveling the country with Slushii on his 2018 There x2 tour. Slushii, who has risen to fame at only 21 years old, is a great producer to align himself with. He has a huge and loyal fanbase and is super talented. Maybe a collab is in the works? Hopefully. Slushii has a much softer, poppier sound than this but it certainly could work out well.

Check it out on Soundcloud for free download above as well as the music video right here!

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