Noah Cyrus, whose voice is hauntingly similar to her celebrity sister, Miley, has blossomed in her singing career this year with other hits like “Team” with singer MAX and “We Are…” featuring . Lil Xan, a product of the Soundcloud rap game, has also found immense success this year with a feature on Diplo’s album (among many other features) and his own debut album Xanarchy. Since revealing their relationship via social media a few weeks ago, Xan and Noah have inevitably become a more talked about power couple than Pete and Ariana.

There have been rumors circulating about a collab since the two became connected and after hearing “Live or Die” today, it’s clear they work very well together. This mellowed-out tune captures Noah’s beautiful voice and Xan’s rapping talents and interestingly enough the pair’s tendency to slur their words as they sing/rap blends well together on this track. Take a listen below and see what you think!

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