LZRD has been making their name in dance music through remixing some of the biggest tracks over the past few years, and turning up the heat on them a notch. With official remixes of Illenium, The Chainsmokers, Louis The Child, and many more, the East Coast up and comers are on pace to do very big things.

Today, Thomas Shull and Keenan Haan, aka LZRD, are back with a brand-spankin’ new remix of David GuettaMartin Garrix, and Brooks’ hit song “Like I Do“. Thomas (19) and Keenan (21) just played their first two festivals, getting the chance to grace the legendary Perry’s stage at Lollapalooza.

Perry’s is a massive accomplishment for any act, big or small. Their second festival performance was just earlier this month at Moonrise Festival. We had a chance to sit down with the duo at the Baltimore festival to talk inspirations and playing both Moonrise and Lolla. Check out the interview below.


HIHF: First off, let’s get down to what the people want. When’s the next release?

TS: Next week, We’re remixing “Like I Do” by David Guetta and Martin Garrix.

HIHF:  You guys just played Lolla and now are here at Moonrise. Tell me a little bit about the two festivals.

KH: At Lolla ten to twelve thousand people came out to our set at the same time slot as today’s set. We were not expecting that. Perry’s is just incredible, it’s hard to compare honestly.

TS: Yeah Perry’s is absolutely ridiculous. But the difference between the two festivals is just that kids will show up to Perry’s Stage just wanting electronic music. This whole festival is electronic music. I think we were the youngest acts at both festivals, which I think is pretty cool.

HIHF: You’re from MD, Tommy. Fellow Bethesda guy. And Keenan you’re from Charlottesville. It’s awesome to see you guys tear up a festival that’s so close to home for both of you. Just minutes ago, you two crushed your set on the Stellar Stage, congratulations. Are there any acts you guys wanted to see this weekend?

KH: Two Friends are gonna be awesome. We’re heading over there in a bit. I’ve also never seen Audien, he’s one of my biggest inspirations. So gotta catch that set later today.

TS: Illenium. We’ll be coming back tomorrow for sure.

HIHF: Who are your other biggest inspirations?

KH: Chainsmokers honestly.

TS: Yeah. The Chainsmokers. We’ve remixed a bunch of their songs and they are always showing us support.

HIHF: Well you guys just remixed their song “Sick Boy”. And a few years back y’all remixed some of their first originals they released as they were blowing up, “New York City” and “All We Know”. Some of those remixes have Millions of plays on Soundcloud. You’re putting out more originals now, you’ve come so far from when I was covering LZRD at Fistintheair. What’s y’alls creative process when it comes to originals? Your last few have been amazing by the way, namely “World of Our Own” and “Take Me Apart”.

KH: Thanks dude. It’s usually starting out with a melody and a solid bassline, and throwing down some chords. When it comes to originals it’s really hard having to create an instrumental without a vocal, so what we usually try to do is get an old original vocal, put that in over chords, and then use that vocal as a reference point in the track to send to different vocalists just so we can get a feel for it.

TS: We honestly just go with whatever feels right. We send it out demos to tons of different vocalists and just work from there.

HIHF: Last question, how do you choose which songs to remix?

TS: People ask us to remix things a lot, sometimes we even have to turn them down. When it comes to remixing a song, the process usually starts because we both love that certain song. 

HIHF: Well, all the producing aside it’s a huge deal that you two are playing these festivals. Congrats again and thanks for sitting down with me!

Enjoy their epic new remix above ^^^ and check out their other remixes and fire originals here.


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