Seven Lions, who’s already announced his massive tour, The Journey 2 ,this fall, has just released his EP, Start Again. The EP includes 4 songs, two of which he has already released: “Dreamin” with Fiora in July and early last week “After Dark” also featuring Fiora and Blastoyz. Fiora provides vocals for the entire EP and previously did “Days to Come” with Seven Lions. Having the same voice across all of the songs really makes them all flow together despite their varying sounds.

Some tracks like “Let Go” mimic the dark and dismal cover art of the EP. You can really hear the distinct fantasy elements which Seven Lions often relies on in his music (and is also to thank for his stage name). My favorite song was “Start Again” because not only do I love Fiora’s voice but also love the refreshing sounds of the Seven Lions drop.

Help yourself get through your Friday and listen below!


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