Listen To The Chainsmoker’s New Single “This Feeling” Featuring Kelsea Ballerini

The duo that has absolutely taken the electronic/pop scene by storm since 2014 and their comedic hit “#Selfie”.

Alex Pall and Drew Taggert are the geniuses behind The Chainsmokers and they’ve just released their newest single “This Feeling”. A classic Chainsmokers sound with country star Kelsea Ballerini on vocals this time around, I wouldn’t be surprised if I heard this on the radio in the next couple days. Or honestly tomorrow.

With a vibe that’s very reminiscent to their smash hit“Closer”, this song uses some chilling guitar chords under the chorus and a mellow drop in typical Chainsmokers fashion. Their last single was a collaboration with HIHF trap favorite NGHTMRE. You can stream that banger here.

Also, this song is apparently on their newest album according to Spotify, and their new album is now called Sick Boy… This Feeling. I assume these were their favorite tracks? Let me know when you make up your minds Chainsmokers.

Check their “This Feeling” below.


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