The dynamic duo of Julio Mejia and Matt Toth, better-known to fans as GTA, has released their newest single “Buscando”. GTA stands for Good Times Ahead and that’s definitely what is in store for anyone bumping their new track.

After giving it a listen, I can confidently say I wish I had paid more attention in Spanish class. Regardless of whether or not I understand the lyrics, the beat behind them is unreal. I would definitely say I can see this song being played in the clubs, with such high valued production.

Another housey track coming from GTA with a four on the floor beat and very punchy synths at work. The Dutch house inspiration is clear within the beat and I can’t wait what else is in store from the duo. Check out “Buscando” below, from GTA’s upcoming all-Spanish EP “La Nueva Clasica” out October 19 via Mad Decent.

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