Skrillex & Joyryde finally unveil “Agen Wida”

Skrillex and Joyryde have been teasing this collab for so long, it has been eating away at fans sanity. The song was sampled at UMF and EDC this year, on Skrillex’s story and more. Joyryde blew up Twitter after sending out a pic of the OWSLA logo, hinting an announcement which turned out to be the song with Skrillex “Agen Wida” which is also the first single off Joyryde’s new album “Brave” coming November 30.

One Youtuber called the collab “Jungle Terror + Bass House.” The song opens a little dancey but quickly transforms into a signature Joyryde riff with sounds that remind you of speeding down an open road. Next cue the bongos to add some neat tropical flair to the tune.

While I failed to hear any staple Skrillex sounds, it’s clear that his musical experience and taste was utilized in producing to help Joyryde take it to that next level. Listen below and see what you think!


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