Luca Lush drops his first release through Mad Decent — “Another Life” ft. Aviella

After years of incredibly fire originals and remixes, Luca Lush is dropping his debut single through Mad Decent! “Another Life” features the soothing voice of Aviella, who infects the track with a super catchy hook. Her chilling vocals go perfectly over Luca Lush’s finely tuned production skills, honed over the past the 7 years as bedroom producer.

The Brooklyn born producer is now seeing the spotlight with releases through Monstercat and Ultra Records. Add Mad Decent to the list, Diplo‘s home for some of the most iconic Trap producers in the game; GTA, Dillon Francis, and Flosstradamus.

This new track definitely brings that classic Trap sound, with a rattling first drop and a choppy hardstyle second. Congrats to Lush on a fantastic debut through Mad Decent! This one is definitely a hit.

Check out his Diplo & Friends mix from early this Summer here and also grab the free download of his remake of Juice WRLD’s “All Girls Are The Same”, that’s a personal favorite. Really turns the original on its head. Check out what the producer had to say on his Instagram about today’s release below.

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Today, after years of bootlegs remixes and ADD laden EDM debauchery, my first single on a big boi label finally came out. On Mad Decent no less, which is INSANE. my mom even called me to say she loved it. Way back when yung lush was but a wee raver, I snuck into the Mad Decent block party in brooklyn, circa 2011, to catch a fresh-faced Baauer hot off the release of harlem shake but before the meme gods catapulted our mans to stardom. That set epitomzied to me what Mad Decent stood for in terms of forward thinking, left of field bangers and dam I left wishing I had nearly enough talent to get a record signed with them. over the next 3 years, Under several different musical alliases, I spammed the hell out of their promo inbox with a slew of poor man's dillon francis and baauer type tunes but never heard a peep back. But I had just started scratching the surface of dance music, I had no idea what I was doing. Flash forward 7 years later, thousands upon thousands of hours of learning sound design, music theory, and questionable amounts of coffee and adderall, I finally got that big daddy diplo stamp of approval. In the wise words of jake the dog "Dude, suckin' at something is the first step to being sorta good at something". So yeah to all my creatives out there don't give up on the dream if you wanna succeed bad enough things will work out if you keep your head down and bust your ass. Anyway hope y'all dig the tune I mixed it thoughtfully, designed the sounds organically with zero genetically modified synths or carcinogenic additives, and recorded the pre drop vocals in my shower. Big thanks to aviella as well for lending her voice to the record she absolutely slayed it. dog bless my lush league ❤

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