Who doesn’t love when Chance the Rapper comes out with new music? This week, he blessed us with not one, but two new songs, “The Man Who Has Everything” and “My Own Thing

On “The Man Who Has Everything“, Chano counts his blessings. The vaguely holiday-themed song sends out positive vibes about family and being thankful. A beautiful vocal sample that feels straight off of an old blues record ties the whole mood together. This is the song that embodies those post Thanksgiving conversations with friends and family, where you are just grateful to be there.

My Own Thing“, featuring fellow Chicago rapper Joey Purp is a bouncy track with a frenetic flow. Chano shows off his lyrical skills, as well as singing the undeniably catchy hook. Purp raps a feel-good verse celebrating how he’s living.

Check out Chance’s new stuff below!

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