Subtronics and SQUNTO drop new collab “Thunderdome”

Philly native Subtronics just went b2b with the Riddim dragon himself, SQUNTO, at Excision‘s Thunderdome mega-event outside Seattle. The internet was raving about SQUNTO’s clean-cut look, and I cracked up when I saw Subtronics tweet that it was so people in the audience could tell them apart.

The two acts are both taking the game by storm, and today, out of nowhere, Subtronics unleashed the new collab that they teased at the event, aptly naming it “Thunderdome“.

This has a low and slow beat to start which accelerates with clapping hands into the first drop. Here’s where some heavy ass vibrations and static launch you back into the Thunderdome for some filthy wubs. The non-drop portions of this song are basically time for you to rest and prepare yourself for that next epic drop. Our second one comes from deep drums and turns into an even deeper, heavier drop with shriek-like noises and cackling.

This wild riddim ride is mixed with sound bits from Seth McFarlane’s classic animated comedy American Dad. Take a listen below to see how it shakes you up.

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