ODESZA Releases Deluxe Edition Of A Moment Apart

ODESZA, the Seattle duo who are masterminds of all things beautiful and melodic, have just put out the Deluxe Edition of A Moment Apart. A Moment Apart was one of my favorite albums of last summer. It’s always refreshing to hear more takes on the many hits the project holds, especially when it’s done by Odesza themselves.

This new edition comes with several reprises of original songs, giving an instrumental twist to the tracks. On top of this, we are treated to their highly anticipated Trap banger Loyal.

Lastly, they have included their “It’s Only” VIP edit, which they’ve used during multiple live sets to put drop the audience’s jaws. This new version puts a tribal spin on the original and uses vocal chops to bring a brand new feel to the track.

It’s not often that I get to see artists going back to breathe life into songs that have made such an impact on their fans. I love what Odesza’s done here with these reprises and highly recommend giving them a listen, enjoy!

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