I have already seen four friends cop the new Super Smash Bros in the last week for the Nintendo Switch but had no idea this relaunch would be so insane. People are obviously already having fun with the game as well as its addicting soundtrack. English DJ and producer, Chime has always been someone to incorporate 8-bit melodies so this dubstep remix is just his thing. Chime just released his remix of the Super Smash Bros Ultimate – Main Theme/ Lifelight and its epic. With a heavy take on the game track, Chime brings lots of chops and a great kick beat to the song. Also be sure to check out his brand new Lost Lands/Whirlwind Tour Mix below. 

It’s an absolute pleasure to finally release this mix for you guys! It includes all the tracks I played at my Lost Lands 2018 sound camp set + all the additions and replacements I made as the Whirlwind tour went on. That means this mix is my best possible showcase of the Chime live experience for the year of 2018. Get ready for a string of new IDs, some of my absolute favourites from this year and a ton of dubstep throwbacks. Enjoy! 💙”



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