With hints placed throughout the Thank You, Next video, Ariana Grande just dropped a brand new track! Her Sweetener album was one of my favorite projects of 2018 no question. Check out what the massive pop-star shared with her fans about “Imagine” the other night via her Instagram story.


Ariana went through a lot in 2018; from the tragic events that took place in Manchester to mourning the death of her ex and long-time friend, Mac Miller, as well as breaking off her engagement to have some time to focus on her own mental health and well-being. (Something we all need to do honestly.)

None of this has stopped her from releasing music though, with the Thank You, Next video setting the record for most ever streams in just 22 hours of the release. The video racked up 167 million views, 50 mill of those in the first 24 hours.

Enjoy Ari’s newest work below. Even though she’s been crushing it the past few years, in some ways it feels like she’s just getting started.


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