SubDocta Gives Us His Winter 2018 Mix (Tracklist)

SubDocta had a massive 2018. Between his West Coast Wobble EP through SubCarbon and opening for the likes of some of Dubstep/Bass music’s biggest names including Ganja White Night, Getter, Riot Ten, Dirt Monkey, and more. He also appeared on several other EPs including Walter Wilde‘s which just dropped yesterday. Keep an eye out for SubDocta in 2019 and enjoy his new Winter Mix here! Tracklist below.

“Thank you all for the greatest year of my musical career. 2019 is shaping up to be even better. I hope you enjoy this mix. ILYSM” — SubDocta



SubDocta – Torqued (Unreleased)

SubDocta x Dirt Monkey – ID (Unreleased)

Lost – General Dub

Thelem- Choppah

Ethan Glass – Want U (Unreleased)

N-Type x Lost – The Hunter

SubDocta – Milkshake Dub

Dirt Monkey – ID (Unreleased)

SubDocta x Bawldy – Jafars Revenge (Unreleased)

SubDocta x Walter Wilde – Suga

SubDocta – ID (Unreleased)

SubDocta x Stratus – Bass Cream (Unreleased)

SubDocta x Klutch – Carnival of Calamity (Unreleased)

SubDocta – Rail Spot (Unreleased)

SubDocta x Milano – ID (Unreleased)

Razat – Feelings

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