Skrillex and Elohim Team Up Again on “Buckets”

Skrillex and Elohim seem to be the new dream team in EDM production, yet another collab between them was released today titled “Buckets.” Now this is a lot more intense and emotional than their last collab; the whimsical and light “Connect“.

While it was easy to see Elohim’s style and melodies in the last track, “Buckets,” unleashes a side of her that Skrillex may have stirred. Much more in his fashion, the song is intense, loud, and emotional. Elohim expresses anger as she shrieks “F**k it” among other tortured lyrics in the song. The verses are a bit calmer but still just as enraged as the rest of the track. While it is different, this song has the intensity and build up to be a huge banger.

We love Elohim at Heard It Here First and can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for her. Listen here:


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