Mike Cervello Presents Inaugural “Get Cerved” Mix

Mike Cervello is one of the many rising stars under the Barong Family imprint. The Amsterdam based label is run by Yellow Claw‘s Nils & Jim and is also home to acts like Moksi, Wiwek, Dolfk, Juyen Sebulba, and many more.

Cervello’s collab, “Impulse”, with Oliver Heldens’ alter-ego Hi-Lo was one of our favorite tracks of 2018. Be sure to check that out here if you don’t already know it.

Today, Cervello brings us his brand new mix series celebrating all things Mike Cervello. “Get Cerved Vol 1” features a killer mix full of originals, remixes, and exclusive Cervello ID’s. Check out the new thirty-minute mixtape below!

“I thought it was time to present you some new music. 
Here’s a mixtape full of originals, ID’s and exclusives.

— You’re about to ‘Get Cerved’ —

See you in 2019. xoxo” – Mike Cervello


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