Full disclosure, I went to Buku Music + Art festival last year and I fell in love. But then again, what’s not to love about a festival in the Big Easy? This years lineup managed to do the impossible, and top last years in terms of both quality and variety. Here are a ten of Heard It Here First’s must-see, non-headlining acts from the epic lineup

  1. Yaeji – This Korean-American house DJ based in Brooklyn has been popping up all over the place with hits like “raingurl” and “drink i’m sippin on”. Her unique take on the genre leaves listeners wanting more and is a certain must-see for anyone wanting to get their groove on at Buku.
  2. Death Grips – This trio draws influence from Punk, Metal, Hardcore, and hip-hop in order to create a high energy, aggressive music. Even Tyler the Creator recognized their sound, saying “Death Grips was my meth.” With a review from Tyler like that, these guys are another must see.
  3. 1788-L – This has been a breakout year for glitchy bass producer 1788-L, who released his first EP, Sentience, in August. He also collaborated with Rezz for the song “Hex”, an undeniable staple on the bass and industrial circuits. Frenetic tempo changes, visceral drops, and experimental song structures keep things interesting, while his large-scale production is known to blow your mind. Definite festival see.
  4. EarthGang – Straight out of Atlanta, this duo made up of Johnny Venus and Wowgr8 takes lyricism to the next level. Noisey called their 2013 release Shallow Graves for Toys “one of the most well-thought-out releases of the year”. Now signed to J. Cole’s label Dreamville, they have continued to drop heat into 2018, linking up with the likes of J.I.D, Mick Jenkins, and Ari Lennox.
  5. Oliver Tree – This man might be a walking meme, but his music is nothing to laugh it. His distinctive brand of indie-pop meets millennial culture is fun for fun’s own sake. Plus who doesn’t love a guy with a bowl cut riding a razor scooter (seriously, check out his Instagram if you don’t believe me)?
  6. Liquid Stranger – Liquid Stranger isn’t only one of the biggest and longest standing names in Bass music, he also is the founder of one of the most innovative labels in the game. The Wakaan Label is home to some of the most talented up and comer’s on the Bass scene. Check out Liquid’s Polarity EP here. To be honest, he’s hardly considered an undercard act by any standard, but he’s really hard not to highlight.
  7. Whipped Cream – Whipped Cream is one of the many stand out female DJs on this lineup, but what sets her apart is her energy and stage presence. She’s brought us some of our favorite new tracks of the past couple of months with “Bad For You” and “LUV”, all while on a b2b tour with Flosstradamus founder YehMe2.
  8. Mersiv – If three words describe Mersiv’s sound it’s Pretty, Dark, and LOUD. Mersiv is a Denver based, Louisiana born DJ/producer who started producing after seeing DeadMau5 in 2012. Not only will he have surreal, stellar visuals, Mersiv brings a contagious energy to the stage. It will be crystal clear to you that he’s having a blast throwing down heaters and making the crowd get weird one filthy drop at a time.
  9. Doja Cat – If you haven’t heard of meme music, you’ll have to check out Doja Cat’s “Mooo!” video, which quickly racked up over 3 million views within a week of its release. Seductive by nature and self-assured in her game, this lady is far from a cow (as she proclaims she is in “Mooo!”). All you need is a few moments with her to let her true talent shine through from her sensual dancing, rhythms, and lyrics.
  10. Peekaboo – One of the biggest names blowing up in Bass music today, Peekaboo has taken 2018 by storm. His Maniac EP through Liquid Stranger’s Wakaan was massive for the NY producer, but no one was ready for his smash collab with G-Rex, “Babatunde” which immediately became one of the biggest festival tracks of the year. Peekaboo is definitely a name to keep your eye on if you are a fan of all things weird and wobbly.

Even if A$AP Rocky, Louis the Child, RL Grime, Lana Del Ray, Excision, or any of the other headliners don’t do it for you, do yourself a favor and read the undercard. You won’t be disappointed.

Honorable Mentions on the VIP Only Lineup go to Duskus, Kittens, CharlestheFirst, Jantsen, and Noizu.


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