The EDM-cross-pop punk wave is blowing up in the scene right now as artists continue to take their shot at the genre blend. Last week we brought you this epic cover of Taking Back Sunday by Adventure Club. Keep em coming! We love it.

The next man up for the task is Kayzo, who yesterday just released “Alone” with Our Last Night, a post-hardcore band that started back in 2004. They are not new to this sort of mash-up genred song and have been known for their metal spins on classic pop songs. Kayzo also isn’t new to this type of genre-blending. He’s recruited bands like Underoath and Papa Roach in the past to hop onto tracks with him. “Alone” will be the first off Kayzo’s new album and after the success of his OVERLOAD album last year, we all know to expect something great.

Alone” grabs all the best elements of pop punk vocals and instrumentals while topping it off with Kayzo’s classic heavy-hitting sound. Take a listen below and see if you’re ready for this EDM/punk wave! Also be sure to check out our exclusive interview with Kayzo from back in the day at Moonrise Fest.


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