Kevin Abstract is the head honcho of Brockhampton, the group’s fearless leader, the boy band’s chief ‘creative’. Today, Abstract brings fans a brand new three-track project, one of which (“Big Wheels”) was released earlier this week. ARIZONA baby includes credits from Jack Antonoff, of Fun. & Bleachers fame, on each of the three new tracks.

In a statement released alongside ARIZONA baby, Abstract said: “So many therapists in Hollywood. Maybe I should be spilling my life story to a stranger watching a clock, but I’d rather talk through music. You bring the audience along this journey where you both walk the line of not knowing what’s real and what’s fake. The duality of the American Dream. Everyone thinks I’m morally righteous because of a few headlines. Duality. Call your dad and tell him how he made you feel, Ian. This is the sweet spot between self-discovery and celebration. The space beneath the circuit board of emotion. This is ARIZONA baby.

Enjoy the new music from Kevin Abstract below! My personal favorite was “Georgia“.

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