We’ve covered Teminite a few times in the past. We brought you his ten-track Uprising album late last summer and also covered his “Mayhem” collab with Israeli producer Whales.

Morgan David King, aka MDK, is a 27-year old composer and producer from Vancouver, Canada. The two acts have come together today for an epic new neck-breaker with hefty drums and melodic breakdowns. “Space Invaders” soars through earth-shattering dimensions on a rollercoaster of retro video game soundscapes.

Keep an eye out for the music video coming soon in the next couple weeks and check out what Teminite had to say about their new release below!

“I found out about MDK when someone tweeted that Morgan and I should do a collab, as soon as I heard his epic melodies I had to jump in on a tune with him right away! The track took a long time to make, but it was most certainly worth the wait. Morgan is an extremely talented guy and you can be sure that we’ll be doing more tracks together in the future.”       — Teminite


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