New Zealand based production duo TRUTH (Tristan Roake and Andre Fernandez) were pioneers for Dubstep and Bass music as a whole. Tristan and Andre were originally producers of drum and bass and thrived in that scene in New Zealand. After a lot of experimenting with DnB they discovered if they lowered the BPM to around 140 it sounded incredibly heavy and interesting, essentially Dubstep. Shortly later Mala discovered the young duo and signed them immediately. The duo evolved and became some of the largest influences to the Dubstep world.

Their newest transmission is their The Unexpected EP. With steady releases on their very own Deep, Dark, Dangerous label, this is a truly unexpected project to manifest on the Wakaan label. Tristan and Andre bring us four completely original tunes packed with impressive sound design. Our personal favorite track was “Creatures”. Check out what they had to say about their new project below.

“With this EP we wanted to showcase some of the diversity of our sound. From the triplet-driven crazy energy of the title track ‘The Unexpected’ with its bouncy bassline and in your face sound design. The ravey, garage-esque intro of ‘Goodnight,’ which transforms into a snarling reese-bass monster. ‘Creatures’ is something straight out of the swampy depths, sucking you in with horror vibes. Then ‘For Sure’ is just plain weird, but catchy, upping the tempo on that one. We’ve been vibing on Wakaan for a while now, so it’s a real honour to be able to release a full EP of material on such a dope label. There also seems to be a massive crossover in people who enjoy the Wakaan sound and people who follow our Deep, Dark & Dangerous label. So we’re really excited to see how people respond to this release, and just in general seeing what the future has in store for the scene as a whole!” — TRUTH  

Enjoy The Unexpected EP!

*Write-up by Peter Jacus*

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