Dubstep visionary and absolute legend, Caspa, originally began making music when a shoulder injury cut his basketball career short. Living in West London, Gary McCann (Caspa), began producing in 2003.

Mixing in West London nightclubs as ‘DJ Quiet Storms’, he started to get a taste for the scene. He initially started gaining traction when his first hit “Bassbins” got featured on BBC Radio 1Xtra’s DJ Da Flex. By 2007, everyone’s favorite ghost Capsa made his debut into the mainstream. His collaboration project with Leeds based producer Rusko created a large buzz in the already growing genre. Released as a part of the esteemed London Club FabricLive’s mix series, “Fabriclive.37”, was a turning point for Caspa and the genre itself. It was also the first time Fabric had ever featured an all Dubstep project.

It is obviously clear that Caspa is deeply passionate about Dubstep, creating and managing three labels while curating events internationally is an easy feat for nobody. Going on to sign Rusko, J:Kenzo, Emalkay, and various other Dubstep OGs, many consider Caspa the founding father of Dubstep.

More than 15 years later, that passion has not dwindled. His newest project, Psychotechnics, is an EP featuring big tunes for Dubstep noobies and purists alike.

Psychotechnics; “the use of psychological techniques for controlling and modifying human behavior, especially for practical ends.

Check out Caspa’s new EP below!


(Write up by Peter Jacus)

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