Oliverse has just dropped his Outerworld EP and it’s melodic Dubstep madness. It’s brought to us through Disciple Records and is a five-track whirlwind of a project.

In his earlier career, the producer used multiple different aliases to create Dubstep primarily, but Oliverse was born in 2015 when he decided to shift his focus to a more experimental sound.

The talented youth quickly found his feet in the bass scene and released his debut EP Mountains, which he followed with his single “Hold It Down” alongside the highly anticipated remix from frequent collaborator, Tisoki, which earned a staple track status in Skrillex‘s sets throughout the year.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with the producer to talk about his first originals of 2019 as well as a little bit more about his journey.

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Check out Oliverse’ new EP below, and keep scrolling down for our official interview.


H: How/When did you first connect with Disciple?

O: I released my remix of Tchami – After Life and UKF ended up putting it up on their channel. Rossy (who runs Disciple) reached out to me and we started chatting from there. I started working on an EP for Disciple but during this time I released my remix for Modestep – Higher along with Get 2 Me which ended up in Rossy asking me to join Disciple.

You’ve collabed with Tisoki a ton! We are big fans of both your work. Are there any other artists who you just love working with?

Thank you, Brad is my boy! I really love working with Watgood, he’s a really good friend and every time we sit and make stuff together it just feels really natural and organic. We’ve never finished anything but just hanging out and playing around in the studio is always good fun with him.

Any future collabs coming out you can tell us about?

I’m working on a tune with Chime at the moment which is sounding cool and I’ve just finished working with Muzzy on something really special!

What are you most excited about playing in Japan next month? Congrats by the way!

Thanks! I’m really looking forward to experiencing Japan as a whole, it’s going to be a pretty quick trip but hopefully I can squeeze a bit of time in to visit a Pokemon Centre – I’m leaving a lot space in my bag to bring stuff back!

What do you want your fans to know about your OUTERWORLD EP?

The one thing I’ve been asking people to do with this EP is to listen to it front to back and experience it as a whole. I wanted to take the listener on a journey and approached this as though it was an LP so it all flows together and makes sense as a whole body of work.

What is the history behind the name “Oliverse”?

It’s a combination of my last name (Oliphant) and the word Universe!

Thanks so much Ryan for your time and the awesome answers. We really appreciate you!

Be sure to support Oliverse on socials and check out his new Outerworld EP, available now through Disciple Records!

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