The road to Shambhala just got a little bit easier for us Bass fans. As a part of the Shambhala 2019 Mix Series, Mersiv brings us an incredible hour of tunes. Big unreleased tracks surface in this one, including exclusive new bangers with FiYah, sFam, and Jantsen. Check out this brand new mix below!

*Write-Up by Peter Jacus*



Desert Diamond – @minnesota [Martian Mashup]
Taijutsu – Mersiv [Crank Dat – Soulja Boy Mashup]
ID – Mersiv, Killa Nova
ID – @clefto_music, Mersiv
Mind Sounds – Mersiv. [It’s Goin Down – Yung Joc Mashup]
Immerse Yourself ft. @codyreedgotflo – Mersiv (Unreleased)
Digital Eden – Mersiv (Unreleased)
Get To You – @supertask, @heysaintsinner [Mersiv Remix] (Unreleased)
ID – @fiyahbass [Eyes On Fire – Blue Foundation Mashup w/ Get To You Vocals]
Multiply Us (prod. by Mersiv) – @knatturner
Roll With It – @matterbass, Mersiv [Throw Some D’s – Rich Boy Mashup]
Ulysses – Om Unit
Safe – Mersiv (Unreleased)
Beefcake – @jadecicada [Candy Shop – 50 Cent Mashup]
Gold – @kyralxbanko
Mercury – @fiyahbass
ID ft. @knatturner – Mersiv, @laika-beats [Hotbox – @liquidstranger Mashup]
Follow Me – Mersiv, @fiyahbass [Augustus Lad – Nvctve Mashup]
ID – Mersiv, @fryarmusic
ID – Mersiv
Topper Top – Killa P, Lady Chann, Teddy Bruckshot, Sir Spyro
Get Crazy – @jantsenmusic, Mersiv (Unreleased)
Absolute Fire – @downlink
ID – Mersiv
ID – @sfamofficial, Mersiv
ID – Mersiv


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